Saturday, July 23, 2011


Tanks In League of Legends are extremely important to a fully functioning team. and the should be at least one (and only one) on each team. A tanks strongest ability is to stop the enemy team from damaging your other teammates, and disabling the opponents team by using their ability's such as taunts and stuns.

As a good tank you should go for items that increase your health, your resistances (both Armor and Magic Resist), as well as items that can disable the enemy team (such as Ranudins Omen, Frozen Heart, and Thornmail.)

The Health and the Resist will allow you to take a considerable amount of more damage before dying, and the de-buffing items will either: make the enemy team have to fight at a disadvantage, or cause the enemy team to focus you which will allow your damage dealers the ability to remain on the offense and destroy their opponents.

Another important aspect of tanks are their ability to initiate team fights. which is one of the most important ability's in the game. some of the abitilty's are:
- Amumu's Banadage Toss, and resulting ultimate
- Rammus's Powerball
- Shen's Shadow Dash
- Leona's Zenith blade

These ability's and others allow you to start the team fight on your terms giving you a nice advantage, and puts the tank at the forefront of the battle, meaning that the enemy will be attacking him at the beginning.

Items that go incredibly well on each tank can typically be found in the "Health" "Armor" and "magic resist" section, which are all found under the "defense" category. Just remember: if your fighting a team that consists mainly of magic users, then buying items with armor is typically not the best idea.
here are three good items for tanks (in no particular order):

- Sunfire cape: health, armor, and deals damage to the enemy over time
- Force of nature: a huge amount of Magic resist, Health regeneration for laning and skirmishes, and a nice move speed buff
- Banshees veil: Health, Mana and magic resist, and blocks a single enemy spell every thirty seconds, which includes ultimate's and all disables.
-Mercury treads: the essential "tank boot" provides a good amount of movement speed, early magic resist, and reduces all disables excluding suppression by 35% (so if you were stunned for 2 seconds, it would only last for 1.3 seconds).

That's my brief overview of the Tank role in League of Legends and I hope it provided you with some good insight on what you should do when playing a tank. Feel free to question and comment anything below.


  1. I'm not a LoL player but it seems intriguing, maybe i could star play it. :P

  2. Its a very fun game to pick up and play if you have 30-40 mins to spend every now and then.

  3. Tanks are so powerful in this game

  4. Sounded interesting...I checked out the game, I like the game graphics a lot.

  5. Hmm, it looks like i should start playing LoL again.

  6. xGotta have that meat shield man haha

  7. haven't played LoL but I might check it out, thanks

  8. very nice guide thanks! +followed

  9. Ive never played this game properly but I used to be mad about DotA... Is LoL similar and would you recommend it?

  10. Definatly, its made by two of the old producers of DOTA allstars i think.

    if you were mad about DOTA you should check out DOTA 2 which i think is coming out this fall.