Sunday, July 24, 2011


The second role that I'll be talking about is Support. Support can be a fun and rewarding role to play, but don't expect to get a penta-kill, or even a double kill when playing.

There are a handful of true support characters, though many champions can support their teammates. the pure supporters in my opinion are:

- Soraka
- Sona
- Taric
- Janna

Remember that many champions can support but these are the best at it

Supports have similar ability's with one another, they will usually have a:
- Small damaging ability (Soraka's Starfall, Sona's Hymn of Valor),
- Good healing or shielding ability ( Taric's Imbue, Janna's Eye of the Storm)
- A form of buff to other players ( Taric's Shatter, Sona's aura's)

Supports characters have the ability to build in a variety of ways, and all can be effective depending on the situation at hand. Most supporters scale well off of Ability Power, which makes their spells deal more damage, and shields absorb more damage. Cooldown reduction is also a good item to stack, it allows you to spam your ability's fast and keep buffs and heals more consistent. Cooldown reduction is however capped at 40%. 

Tanky-aura's is also a very viable way to build supporters as most have low base health and worse Armor and magic resist scaling. items like "Aegis of the legion" will provide you with early health, armor, and Magic resist keeping you alive. and buffing all nearby champions, making them more resistant and boosting their damage.

The main role for support players, is to stay at the back of the fight and help out the team as necessary, be careful not to get it to close because your health and resists will still be low. At the back you should be constantly Healing or shielding or buffing your teammates, as well as disabling the enemy's. 

Sona's ultimate ability "Crescendo" for example Stuns every enemy in a line for 1.5 seconds. even if you only manage to hit 3 people it gives you a great advantage. For those 1.5 seconds you can deal damage much more easily and you don't take any damage in return.

Taric's ability "Dazzle" stuns a single target for 1-2 seconds depending on how far away the target is, meaning that if your sitting at the back of the group all the time then your going to be able to constantly get out 2 second stuns to the enemy pretty frequently.

In a perfect lane setup, you should be paired with your main carry, their squishy, and if they take damage you can heal them back up. However if this doesn't happen laning with a tank is also another great idea. Seeing as they already have high hp and resistance's means that you can conserve Mana and focus on killing creeps, it also make you an almost unstoppable lane force as neither of you should die easily.

Remember that as a supporter you do virtually no damage, and on a rank of importance. You are not very high up. So if you can only heal once more, and its a choice between you and your carry, then pick the carry. It'll more than likely turn the tide of the battle even if you die.

At the end of the game, if you played like a true support you should probably have 
- 1-2 kills
- 5-10 deaths
- 20-30 assists

And in my opinion, when you have that many assists your K/D ratio really doesn't matter at all.

Thanks for reading, I wrote Support a bit differently than i did for tanks, so let me know what you liked and didn't like, or if you feel i should have provided better information on a subject.


  1. Well, you convinced me. I'll try it out the next week - LoL i mean. :)

  2. Great post, tried out Sona and loved her, ever tried making AD Sona? Hits like a truck

  3. Lol no i havent yet, but i have melted face with AD Taric.

  4. Eyyyy what about Karma huh?

    Great post, love league of legends blogs - check mine out sometime!


  5. Karma can support but i really class her as more of an ap caster. I know its weird but i just don't really class her as a main support.

  6. Just convinced me. Useful info. :D

  7. Thanks, glad i could help, I'll be updating daily in one form or another. so keep checking back

  8. good guide, will give this a go i think :P

  9. I just started playing LoL. Thanks for the advice, I'm glad I came across your blog!

  10. Soroka, and Master Yi are both epic, no matter your skill level. Master Yi is best if you build him for moving speed and DPS.

  11. Master Yi is a pretty good one, especially if you build him for moving speed and DPS.

  12. Alright, talk about slipping me doses, I'm addicted. :)
    Good post!