Sunday, July 24, 2011

Item Review: Rejuvenation Bead

Hey guys, I figured I'd make a quick post before work. So i decided to start doing singular reviews on items. Starting with the Rejuvenation bead.

8 Hp/5secs

 In my opinion Rejuvenation Bead is like the redheaded step-child of items. when your considering other items that have health Regen you would probably first pick Regrowth Pendant, which has almost double its Regen. Or grab a Dorans shield that provides the same Regen, but with a boost in Health and Armor. The only real benefit is that it has a low cost meaning you can buy a couple more health potions.
Doran's shield
Regrowth Pendant

Another thing is that Rejuvenation Bead doesn't build into very many good items. Starks fervor, while good on characters like Master Yi and Tryndamere doesn't see much action anywhere else. Tiamat is also very rarely seen on summoners rift as well.

The only decent item that builds from Rejuvenation Bead is Ranudins Omen, a very good tank item, though not because of its health Regen property.

Ranudins Omen
Rejuvenation Bead should never be brought as a starting item, it provides to little gain for the initial investment, buying a Doran's item, or even basic movement sped boots are superior. The only time when it is permissible to buy the item is for the final piece of the higher tier item you are building.

- Item Effect: 4/10 
- Compared to similar items: 2/10
- What it builds into: 6/10
- Cost: 8/10

-Total 5/10 Overall a bad item, but is saved due to its low cost (250 gold) and the power of Ranudins Omen.


  1. sounds cool what game is this?

  2. Good review! Well thought out and technically helpful

  3. Buddy, a friend of mine is a real LoL freak, i'll show him your blog ;)

  4. agree. i go for doran's also

  5. Nice item reviews! Dorans all the way for early game stats imho

  6. That's cool and all, but can't you do something similar but for SotIS?

  7. its an alright item, youre right about it being the red-headed step child. i NEVER even look at that item