Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Roles of The League

Hi again, Everyone.

As my first real post i figured that I'd keep things simple and go over the roles that summoners can play as in league of legends. Keep in mind that this is really just a brief overview on what the roles provide, and not a complete encyclopedia on what you have to do to play as them. Also these are very broad category's, many champions fit into more than one role, and some have a hard time really being classified into any category.

There are 6 key roles in LOL.
- Tank
- Support
- Carry
- Mage
- Jungler
- Tanky dps

I'll do a write up on these individually as to not create walls of text, going in the order which i listed them. Thanks for reading and come back soon!


  1. Great post mate, been looking to get into this game and I think this blog could help me! Keep up the good work

  2. Thanks, its a great game in my opinion, hope this blog helps you out,

  3. this is a good post, I swear even when your level 30 kids don't know what the roles are and just pick AD carries like they are good or something.

  4. Isn;t that the truth. Tanks guide is up, ill prolly do support and an carry tomorrow and the next if i have the time. thanks for reading

  5. That pretty much could be applied to every MMORPG as far I remember (played few in my life).

  6. Pretty much can be applied to every RPG if you really want to get down to it.