Monday, July 25, 2011

 Hey guys, I'm still working on the carry beginning guide, as I'm kinda busy at the moment :/ so i decided to post some of the more common acronyms found in LOL and what they mean. I know when i was just starting i had no idea what half these meant. so i think it should help a bit.

- Aoe: Area of Effect, an attack or ability that deals damage to enemy's in an area, damaging everyone in the area, not just a single target.
- AP: Ability Power: A stat commonly found on caster items, Ap increase the damage of most Ability's, if you mouse over an ability, the green number in brackets represents how much damage you're receiving from ability power.
- AS: Attack Speed, how often you can attack in a second, caps at 2.5 attacks per second.

- Aura: A small range Buff that either grants your team stats, or decreases stats from the enemy team. 
Brush : The grass found in LOL, it makes you hidden while in it, however you are revealed when you attack or use an offensive ability inside the Brush.
- Buff : Something that increases your stats, typically comes in the form of items, or passive ability's.
- CC :crowd control. Moves that interfere with the other champions actions such as stun, fear, knockbacks/ups, blinds. all of these can be reduced with tenacity, a stat found in the shop.
- CD: Cool down, the length of time you must wait after casting an ability, before you may use that ability again.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Item Review: Rejuvenation Bead

Hey guys, I figured I'd make a quick post before work. So i decided to start doing singular reviews on items. Starting with the Rejuvenation bead.

8 Hp/5secs

 In my opinion Rejuvenation Bead is like the redheaded step-child of items. when your considering other items that have health Regen you would probably first pick Regrowth Pendant, which has almost double its Regen. Or grab a Dorans shield that provides the same Regen, but with a boost in Health and Armor. The only real benefit is that it has a low cost meaning you can buy a couple more health potions.
Doran's shield
Regrowth Pendant

Another thing is that Rejuvenation Bead doesn't build into very many good items. Starks fervor, while good on characters like Master Yi and Tryndamere doesn't see much action anywhere else. Tiamat is also very rarely seen on summoners rift as well.

The only decent item that builds from Rejuvenation Bead is Ranudins Omen, a very good tank item, though not because of its health Regen property.

Ranudins Omen
Rejuvenation Bead should never be brought as a starting item, it provides to little gain for the initial investment, buying a Doran's item, or even basic movement sped boots are superior. The only time when it is permissible to buy the item is for the final piece of the higher tier item you are building.

- Item Effect: 4/10 
- Compared to similar items: 2/10
- What it builds into: 6/10
- Cost: 8/10

-Total 5/10 Overall a bad item, but is saved due to its low cost (250 gold) and the power of Ranudins Omen.


The second role that I'll be talking about is Support. Support can be a fun and rewarding role to play, but don't expect to get a penta-kill, or even a double kill when playing.

There are a handful of true support characters, though many champions can support their teammates. the pure supporters in my opinion are:

- Soraka
- Sona
- Taric
- Janna

Remember that many champions can support but these are the best at it

Supports have similar ability's with one another, they will usually have a:
- Small damaging ability (Soraka's Starfall, Sona's Hymn of Valor),
- Good healing or shielding ability ( Taric's Imbue, Janna's Eye of the Storm)
- A form of buff to other players ( Taric's Shatter, Sona's aura's)

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Tanks In League of Legends are extremely important to a fully functioning team. and the should be at least one (and only one) on each team. A tanks strongest ability is to stop the enemy team from damaging your other teammates, and disabling the opponents team by using their ability's such as taunts and stuns.

As a good tank you should go for items that increase your health, your resistances (both Armor and Magic Resist), as well as items that can disable the enemy team (such as Ranudins Omen, Frozen Heart, and Thornmail.)

The Health and the Resist will allow you to take a considerable amount of more damage before dying, and the de-buffing items will either: make the enemy team have to fight at a disadvantage, or cause the enemy team to focus you which will allow your damage dealers the ability to remain on the offense and destroy their opponents.

The Roles of The League

Hi again, Everyone.

As my first real post i figured that I'd keep things simple and go over the roles that summoners can play as in league of legends. Keep in mind that this is really just a brief overview on what the roles provide, and not a complete encyclopedia on what you have to do to play as them. Also these are very broad category's, many champions fit into more than one role, and some have a hard time really being classified into any category.

There are 6 key roles in LOL.
- Tank
- Support
- Carry
- Mage
- Jungler
- Tanky dps

I'll do a write up on these individually as to not create walls of text, going in the order which i listed them. Thanks for reading and come back soon!

Welcome To my blog!

Hello everybody, this is a starting blog account on the most effective ways to play League of legends. a DOTA inspired game with a huge fan base and is becoming a competitive E-sport.

Its my goal to make Champion guides twice a week, starting with the original champions. and do item overviews and strategies once or more each week.

This has just started and it might take a while to get going, but i hope that it can give players both new and old, the tips and tricks  to give them an edge over the other summoners.